Alaxo Canada




Cindy L Florida

The Alaxo Stent has literally changed my life for the better. I was fatigued nearly every day and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. However the CPAP machine is not something I could tolerate. I researched for months to find an alternative, trying several unsuccessful products.

Then I came across the Alaxo Stent; it made sense to me that if a stent can be put in heart valves to keep them open, why not the nasal passages? I had actually used the search term ‘stent’ to find something like this. And Alaxo was exactly what I had been looking for.

I had a short learning curve on inserting it properly but once past that it was easy. I insert it every night before bed; no more collapsing airway and much less snoring! But the most important result is that I feel better, I sleep better and I have more energy during the day. The Alaxo stent is a gift to my life.

Wes E Canada

After years of suffering with Sleep Apnea and Snoring and spending thousands of dollars on various devices, CPAP Machine $2500, Mandibular Positioner Dental Device $2250, I have finally found something that works.  
The Alaxo Stent has been a total game changer, I honestly forgot what it felt like to get a good nights sleep. Better sleep has made a huge difference to me at work and home.  I finally wake up on the right side of the bed, more energy and stamina throughout the day, no more energy drinks/coffee/ caffeine etc, my quality of life has been greatly improved. 
Best of all my snoring has been virtually eliminated which makes my spouse very happy and saves me from being embarrassed when I have a snooze at any of my relative's houses or on flights to and from work.
The travel case is small and easy to slip into my pocket and cleaning is a breeze, I wear them almost all day long without issue and no one is the wiser. 
So happy these are finally available in Canada. I never want to be without them again.

Ryan E Nebraska

After decades of suffering with sleep apnea and breathing through my mouth I had figured it was just my reality. Then I tried the Alaxo Stent. What a difference, I can now breath through my nose! I feel more energetic, I get a better night’s sleep and I don’t sound like a chain saw when I am sleeping. I like the results so much that I will often wear the stents throughout the day.

I have tried many other products available and nothing works for me like the Alaxo Stent. If you struggle like I did with sleep apnea and/or breathing through your nose, get yourself the Alaxo Stents and start living your new reality today.

Chris T Chicago

For years I suffered from chronic sinus issues of draining, infections, and congestion. A local ENT specialist performed a CT scan of my sinuses, proving that I was suffering from chronic inflammation without structural sinus interference. As a result, I was prescribed a regimen that consisted of daily antihistamines and intranasal corticosteroids. For me, taking these types of medications on a daily basis was not an option because it did not provide a solid solution. After months of researching online through various studies, forums, and videos, one forum mentioned a device called Alaxolito Nasal Stent. After a quick engine search, I found the device on a German website, and my quality of life has significantly changed since then. The Alaxolito Nasal Stent provided a physical barrier within my nasal passages that has allowed me to sleep throughout the night free of congestion, regardless of the amount of inflammation I had going on. It's exceptionally user friendly; made up of good quality surgical mesh; and easy to clean. I back this product because it has changed my quality of life, it is at a fair price point, and it provides a solid, nonpharmacological solution to my chronic problem.